General terms and conditions

Dear customer, we kindly request to take knowledge of these general terms and conditions before booking your trip wit hus.
By making a booking you automaticly declare it’s contents to be valid and applicable.
Potential dissagreements shall always be resolved on the basis of this contract.

Service Provider

-Name:                                              Lextra P.L.C.  (public limited company)
-VAT   :                                               BE0417730203
-Registered Office¬†: ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†Rue Eduard de Knoop 25 bus 3 ‚Äď 1140 Evere
-Business Adress:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Lozenberg 9 ‚Äď C 1932 Zaventem

-Your services shall be secured and implemented by the service provider or one of it’s sub-contractors.
-You can alwyas verify the current service rates on this website! (


-The current terms and conditions are valid throughout all reservations and bookings concluded and still to be implemented tranfers aswel, even when the booking was made verbally between the service provider and client or anyone else placing an order in the clients name.
-All contracts which remain to be conculded are subject tot he current terms and conditions.
-Every client has had the oppertunity to consult these general terms and conditions in advance.


-A placed order by the customer counts as a concluded contract between both parties to which both parties shall adhere.
-To place an order, one must be an adult.
-Bookings made through all possible chanels ( telephone,text message, e-mail, online, verbally,….) are subject to these terms and conditions.

Conditions of use:

- The shuttle service is availale to anybody who meets the following requirements:

- Minors under the age of 12 who are travelling alone must have parental approval.
- Minors above the age of 12 who are travelling alone must have parental approval.

  2.Passengers appearance:
- We reserve our right not to transport people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or who have an undecent appearance. It is the drivers responsability to determine these facts.

  3. Luggage:
- Each passenger has the possibility to take one regular sized and one smaal sized piece of luggage. For luggage with non-standard formats, please always inform us during the booking proces.

  4. Handicap:
-People with a physical or mental dissability can be transported when they reserve atleast 48 hours prior tot he implementation of the transfer and have someone accompanying them or written consent from the parents for travelling alone.

  5. Pets:
- Pets who are alive shall not be transfered unless permission has been demanded upon booking.
-In all cases the animals should be transported with the appropriate cage. The passenger is responsible for all caused damages to the vehicle or it’s accesories due to unappropriate containment of their pets or any other pet related damages.

  6. Booking:
-The customer is responsible for booking a reservation with the correct data.
-Online bookings will be accepted 22 hours prior tot he implementation of the transfer. Once this period has passed we can only accept bookings through e-mail. (Which are subject to availability)
-A booking shall be deemed complete when the customer has filled in all his correct data which are demanded of him whilst booking, after which a confirmation e-mail shall follow as final confirmation.
-To be able to guarantee a qualitative service the provider has to be in the possesion of your e-mail adress and phone number.
-In cases of abscense on the spot, incorrect data or abscense of mobile confirmation the day before the service provider reserves it’s rights to cancel these trips without bearing any responsability of any kind of any potential damages caused by this.

  6.a. Bookings can be made :
-Online, on this website (
-By telephone, on the number +32484555666
-By mail, on the adress

  6.b.  Information on service rate determination:
-All prices presented on the internet or advised through the phone are always VAT included , unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
-The price shall be determined upon booking.
  (Subject to verification and / or correction following computer error)
 -The passenger or someone booking for the passenger shall always receive a confirmation e-mail.
-For a waiting time which succeeds 1 hour shall be charged with a supplementary fee of 20 Euro’s each half hour started.
-If the client is not present when expected at the meeting point due to his/her own initiative (buying cigarettes, eatn drink,…) a supplementary waiting fee of 20 euro’s and potential parking fees could be charged.

  6.c. Payment of your booking:
-Online though our secure SSL connection (provided by Ogone)
-Cash at the end of your trip tot he driver.
-By Creditcard in the vehicles.
-By bank transfer: If you choose to pay by bank transfer the money has to be present in our account at the very latest 24 hours prior tot he implementation of the transfer.
-Billing: only when explicitly agreed upon in advance with Lextra S.A.
-In case of payment by creditcards which would turn out to be invalid or non-guaranteed the consequences to bear are for the passenger in question.
-A pre-payment shall be considered as a finished purchase, without any extra costs or services.

  6.d. Proof of payment and responsability:
- Each car is equipped with numbered receits. All bills are sent by e-mail, in case you wish to receive it though the postal service you shall be charge dan additional 2 euro postal fee.
-All changes, especially the price, must be accompanied by a decent, written motivation sent to us through a registered letter at the very latest arriving 8 days before the implementation of your transfer.
-All bills which remain to be payed 8 days after the implementation of your selected service shall be subject to intrests.
-When there is a non-payment or refusal to pay the price shall be increased by 15% with a minimum of 50 euro’s and all potential judiciairy costs are his to bare.
-The person who makes the booking shall remain responsible for the payment of the required services, even when among them it was differently agreed upon.

  6.e. Cancelling and supplementary costs:
- You may cancel and modify your required service at any time untill 24 hours of the implementation of your transfer.
-You have the right to change your mind 14 days before the implementation of your service.
-In cases of prepayment, you shall be reinbursed fort he full amount (- any potential service fees imposed) in the case that you cancelled your service not later than 24 hours prior tot he implementation of your transfer.

  Supplmentary cancellation costs:
24 Hours before the implementation of the service :                                    0%
Between 12-24 hours before the implementation of the service :             50%
Between  4-12 hours before the implementation of the service :              75%
Less than 4 hours before the implementation of the service:                   100%

-These conditions are also applicable in cases of ‚ÄėForce Majeur‚Äô (Terrorist attack, earthquake, flight cancelled,‚Ķ.)
-Reinbursements for payments by creditcard are handled by our financial institution and thusly are free of charge.
-All other forms of reinbursements could be subject to transction fees.
-The client has to possibility to choose his own time of pick-up and must bare the potential consequences of his actions. (Leaving too late to the airport and missing flight is not our responsability, we always reserve our right to have 15 minutes of elbowroom)
-Supplementary waiting fee : the customer is kindly requested to be on time at the expected meeting points at the very latest 1 hour after his plane has landed. All waiting time succeeding that hour can be charged.
-We can’t anticipate the loss of time due to excessive checks or loss of luggage. We do ask a supplementary wainting fee in case this takes longer then the provided waiting time of 1 hour after landing. In this case, we can always make a bill so that you can try to be reinbursed by your aviaton company.

 Route and Long-distance trips:
- In all cases your driver is free to choose the route he wishes.
-In case of a service wich exceeds 200km we count a supplementary stop of maximum 15 minutes to eat, drink, smoke, … In this case an extra 10 euro fee shall be given to the driver by the customer so that he can relax too.
- For a service which exceeds 600km a supplementary fee of 100 euro’s will be asked so that your driver can recuperate after a long trip in a 2 star hotel.
- The place for a break shall always be determined by the driver.

 Responsabilities of the customer :
-The passenger shall be held liable for any and all caused damages to the car , it’s accesories or anything which is considered to be not the passengers property, due to willfull misconduct or negligence of any kind, the passenger shall be considered as liable.
-The passengers are responsible for all cases of incorrect information in case of a non co-operation or a mistake in your booking.
-The customer is responsible for his or her own luggage and objects, and shall be responsible to make sure all his luggage is transported. In case of lost luggage due to negligance the passenger must bare the costs of sending or a supplementary fee of the amount of the route already travelled. 
-The customer is expected to review the details of the requested service the day before the implementation of the transfer. This happens around 20 :00 (GMT+1). In case you do not receive  a confirmation text message the day before, please contact us in time !
-We kindly request the passengers to take into account any potential event of unforseenable circumstances ( extreme weather conditions, closed roads, car accidents,…). Your service might be subject to later implementation or cancellation of your service.

7) Responsabilities of the service provider
-The service provider pledges to act to the best of it’s competences in a responsible manner to be able to guarantee a qualitative service to the customer.
-In any case, the service provider can not be held liable for loss of items, injuries, damages or unimplemented services in case of unforseable circumstances (Force Majeur) or any other case falling outside the goodwill of the service provider (Accidents, traffic jam, police controles, closed roads,…)
-The responsability of the service provider shall not be refered to in any case of ,partially or completely , caused damages by the passenger due to willfull misconduct or negligence.
-The service provider is not responsible for the personal belongings of the customer.
-The service provider can not be held liable for delays, only in cases of manifest errors from the service provider.
-In case a transfer has not been implemented and the reason for this resides within Lextra S.A. the client has the right to demand a reimbursement, although the amount reinbursed may never exceed the amount ( already payed) of the transfer.
-The service provider pledges to try and resolve all the problems as quick and streamlined as possible, although he can not be held liable for damages caused outside his own will.

  Applicable law and courts:
-All dissagreements about validity, interpretation and content or implementation of this contract and the present terms and conditions are exclusively subject to the Belgian courts and thusly the Belgian judiciary system.
-On these terms and conditions Belgian law shall apply. is a commercial webdomain name whih is protected under Belgian law
-The activities of Lextra S.A. can be found in the Central Entreprise Databank under the enterprise number 0417.730.203
-If one or more clauses or sentences of this agreement would be declared invalid by any court , the rest of the contract shall remain functioning as a coherent undivided whole.

-The service provider reserves it’s right to apply this contract in a flexible way, but also enforce it strictly if necessary.
-The validity of this contract shall remain until it would be updated. In that case the customers who already booked their service before the update of the terms and conditions shall adhere to the terms and conditions previously agreed upon, but the customers who booked after the update of the terms and conditions shall adhere to the new version of these general terms and conditions.
-This contract is concluded between the service provider and it’s customers.

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Tel : +32.2.801.13.01 (8h-21h GMT+1)

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