Frequently asked questions

1. How can I place an order?

- Or, you make  a booking  online  (24/24 - 7/7)
- Or, call our telephonist at number +32.2.801.13.01 (08h-21h GMT +1)

2. Who will be waiting for me and where exactly at the airport/train station/hotel?

Your driver will be waiting at one of various meeting points within the airport with a name sign.
If you cannot find your driver, please call us.

3. Where exactly will you be waiting for me at my hotel/apartment/ house?

If you are leaving from your hotel, please wait at the reception (lobby). Please wait outside your front door if you are being picked up from your apartment or home. The driver will pick you up there. 

4. When will you pick me up to take me to the airport/train station?

We will pick you up at the time scheduled and confirmed by SMS.
We ask you to be ready on time. For hotels, at the checkout time already scheduled. 
For buildings, we ask you to be ready outside, so we can meet our schedules. 

5. What happens if my flight/train is delayed?

We always monitor flight or train schedules carefully. 
If the announced delay is reasonable and does not interfere with the driver’s schedule, he will wait until your flight or train arrives. 
If you experience a significant delay, we will make the necessary arrangements to pick you up (subject to availability).
Please note that delays in flights or trains are not our responsibility, so please do not blame the driver.

6. What happens if I miss my flight or my flight is canceled?

Please call your driver (he will have sent you a text message) or our emergency number as soon as possible. 
If you do not contact the driver, the transport service will be considered made and your credit card will be charged or an invoice will be sent for the price of the transport service. 

7. What happens if I lost my luggage?

If you discover that you have lost your luggage, please inform us as soon as possible by calling the driver or our phone number displayed in the confirmation email and indicate that you have arrived at the airport and you are now requesting the transport service selected. 

8. How long will the driver wait for me?

If you have booked a transport service from the airport, the driver will arrive 15 minutes after landing and will wait for a maximum of 45 minutes. 
In the event of a transport service leaving from a train station, maximum waiting time is 15 minutes after the arrival of the train. 
If you do not contact the driver or do not answer his calls during this limited time, the driver may leave without waiting for you, and the transport service will be considered made, and your credit card will be charged or an invoice will be sent for the price of the transport service.

Waiting time is charged at 10 euros per each ¼ of hour started, plus any parking fees. 
The first hour of parking is included in the price. After the second hour, you will be charged 5 €. 
Excess fees must be paid to the driver on the spot.

9. What types of vehicles are used for transport services? 

For each transport service, we consider the requirements of our customers, and we use cars or minibuses as appropriate.
For each transport service, in addition to your requirements, we use vehicles appropriate to the number of passenger and baggage. Groups may be distributed in several vehicles. 
All vehicles are air-conditioned.

10. How many passengers can you transport?

Preferably, we are limited to groups of 24 people. 
You can always send a request, minimum 72 hours before the pick-up time, for larger groups. Subject to availability of a bus. 
Please note that the bus option is generally more expensive and less flexible than a minibus.

11. How much baggage can I carry? Is there a weight limit?

Basically, you can carry the desired amount of luggage without restriction. 
However, the amount of weight that can be transported depends on the vehicle’s capacity. 
In case of excess baggage, please indicate so at the time of booking. You may require a transport service type of greater range. 
Special items such as bicycles, surfboards, ski equipment, golf bags, and oversized items must always be informed to us, and fees may apply. 
We can also provide a trailer for an additional fee of 40 €.
All items are transported at your own risk!

12. Can I take a bike, a golf bag, ski equipment?

These items are not classified as normal-sized baggage. It is essential to inform us and to pay additional fees; this amount will depend on the final destination of your transport service. Please let us know at the time of booking.

13. Are pets allowed?

Pets may only be transported in a pet carrier ensuring security and comfort, along with any necessary documents (e.g. pet’s passport) .Transport of animals that cannot be carried on the lap must be paid. (The price is usually that of one additional passenger)
Please inform us at the time booking. Guide dogs are transported free of charge.

14. I have a disability. Can I travel with my wheelchair? 

If your mobility is limited and you need a wheelchair, the wheelchair will be transported free of charge. 
Subject to an additional fee, we can provide a vehicle suitable for disabled passengers (with ramp).
Please make any specific request at least 5 days in advance.

15. I need help carrying my luggage. Can I ask the driver to help me? 

This service is included in the price (transport service rate). 
If necessary, the driver will help you carry your luggage, as long as your bags are of normal size and weight. 
Your luggage must be in good shape, clean, and must not have any defects that could harm our driver.

16. What do you mean by “help carrying your luggage”?

The driver will carry your luggage from the arrivals hall until the transport service vehicle, and from the car to the hotel’s entrance, or from the car to the entrance of the departure hall. 

17. I am travelling with children. Is transport service free of charge for children?

Unfortunately, transport of children is not free of charge. 
In compliance with Belgian regulations in force, every child is considered a passenger, including infants.
We cannot carry people that exceed space available in the vehicle.
(Example: You book for two adults, one 5-year-old child, one 2-year-old child, and one infant. You must choose a minibus because, otherwise, you would be exceeding the capacity of a car). 

18. Can you provide a child seat available to me? Can I have a child seat?

We can also provide a booster and/or one child seat upon request. 
One seat for a very young child is also available upon reservation.
Please, specify the age of any children at the time of booking. 

19. Where can I pay? Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay on site directly to the driver in cash or by credit card. 
We also accept PayPal transfers (with a surcharge fee of 2 €) or bank transfers (SEPA) through billing; however, payment must be received no later than the day before the trip.

20. How can I pay?

You can pay in cash and by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Bancontact) directly to the driver or in advance through our website via credit card. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Bancontact). 
If the vehicle is not equipped with an electronic device, a manual voucher will be completed and signed by you. We guarantee that your data will be destroyed after collection. 
We also accept PayPal transfers, with an additional fee of 2 €. 
For payments in advance, we ask that you to print and sign your voucher, and give it to the driver for confirmation of service. 
We also accept bank transfers (SEPA) through billing; however, payment must be received no later than the day before the trip.

21. Are my credit card details secure?

Your credit card details will be transmitted via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system over the Internet. Through this method, we protect your credit card data against unauthorized access. This system is used by many financial organizations around the world to perform and transfer payments online.
In vehicles equipped with electronic devices, security is automatic.

22. Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes, of course. In all cases, the amount transferred must be received prior to the date of travel.

23. Can I cancel my reservation? Is this free of charge? 

You may cancel your booking at any time no later than 24 hours in advance, for the transport service to be free of charge. 
If you have already paid for the transport service, a refund will be made minus any bank or credit card transfer costs.
If you cancel between 24 and 12 hours before the pick-up time, a 30 € compensation fee will be requested. 
If you cancel less than 12 hours before the pick-up time, full payment will be requested.
In case of force majeure, we will provide an invoice that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

24. Can I choose the time of my pick up?

Yes! At the time of booking, you will indicate the desired pick up time. 
Wherever possible, we will comply with your request, but a 15 min. allowance time may be requested. You will confirm the time via an SMS message sent by our driver.

25. How long should I wait for the driver upon arrival/departure?

At the airport, the driver will be available 15 minutes after your landing. 
At the train station, the driver will be available 5 minutes after the arrival of your train at the station. 
At any other address, the driver will arrive at the time confirmed via SMS with an allowance waiting time of 15 min. (In deed, we depend on the traffic) 
The driver will always inform you of his arrival time in case of delays. 
If traffic conditions are made difficult by weather, protests, or unforeseeable events, we will notify you to offer you an early departure. 
In exceptional weather conditions that make traffic impossible or dangerous, we may cancel the transport service, in which case you would always be notified by phone.

26. When will I be picked up for my return? How will I be notified?

For your return, you must indicate the pick-up time from the hotel/office. 
This time can be set at the time of booking. 
The driver will be waiting at the hotel/office at your desired time. 
In all cases, your driver will confirm the transport service via SMS.

27. What is a « Private Transport Service »? 

A private transport service allows you to be transported individually, except in exceptional cases***.
After arrival at the airport or train station, you do not need to wait for other passengers. 
The driver will be waiting with a sign clearly stating your name, and will take you to your desired address. 
***in some exceptional cases, groups may be joined, in which case you will receive a 10-15%  discount as compensation.

28. Why do I have to provide a mobile phone number?

It is important that you are available immediately upon arrival at the airport; you also need to be reachable on a phone number the day before your trip. For your safety, in every case, the driver will send a confirmation SMS on the day before the trip between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. 
(This is for confirmation and for any last minute changes)
It is essential that you answer this SMS message (a simple OK will suffice). 
If the SMS message sent does not confirm the reservation, it could be considered as rejected, as well as the transport service, and it will not be guaranteed.