About Us

We are a hundred percent Belgian companyfounded in April 1971 in Brussels.

Its creation of the company as it exists today, takes the name of L’EXTRA in the legal form of a limited company.

We experienced the different phases of the changing world of individual transport, starting from a world without computing embedded with driver operate independently, to a society of XXI century ie interconnected through mobile computing devices.

Since the decision in 1997 to make Brussels the seat of the European institutions, Brussels became the capital of Europe. For us it was an unmissable appointment with history.
We are now proud to state to be the company carrying the largest number of officials and European visitors to airports and train stations.

Despite this extraordinary evolution we remained true to our beliefs and we stayed a low cost company!

Enriched by our experience, we now offer a wide range of passenger transport service with a specialization from and to the Belgian and European airports, but also to and from railway stations and inter city.
Today we have not only official taxis but also vehicles for all kinds of transfers, limousines for VIP missions and Coach.

We offer a guarantee and competitive prices and quality service, and a more, a direct contact with your future driver.
Our direct booking system, to avoid hidden fees and price increases intermediaries.
In addition grace to our leadeur position in the market and our multiple contact there is practically no demand that we might satisfy!

In short the best door to door service in Belgium!